Selmer 1985 ‘Super Action 80 Series I’ Eb Baritone, Low A #376k (Archived)

1985 Selmer "SA80" Baritone, with Low A

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1985
  • Make:  Selmer
  • Model:  Super Action 80 Series I
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 376,xxx

(On Consignment--Plays Good) Strong Selmer build, keyed up to F#, down to low A... Here's a real gem. Save your money from the Series II and strongly consider this Series I. Ser#376k dates it to 1985. In original lacquer and overall in very good condition. This horn was loved and used all at the same time and has been in the closet for 10 years.  There are a few bumps to mention: rear Eb guard had foot resoldered, and bell lip shows signs of straightening work, also some other common dents/dings from chairs and use. I have done my best to show them in 'unflattering' photo angles. The neck lacquer has 30-40% wear on the top of the tubing. It was cleaned prior to the photos and may tarnish in time.

PADS: Currently it is in the original pads (tan with metal resos). They do play well to Low A but I would recommend some near-immediate maintenance. (PC bill: $175+). They could be stretched longer and a full rebuild is optional, not required. This would be for the usually pads that wear out first (upper palm keys/low Eb).

CASE: A huge, hard case with the Buffet logo on it. It is in good condition. It has tons of storage! (one small tear on the back fabric to note.)

REBUILD: - Optional! - This listing is for "as is", but I would advise a new owner to plan to put in $175-400 of small repairs into it. Or you could hire WWS to rebuild it as part of the purchase. Depending on how the numbers work out, you basically end up with a -$200 savings off a regular rebuild price. please inquire.


Item #:WWSConJN4W3.0W1.00.6281.7-0