SML 1968 ‘Gold Medal II’ Bb Tenor, #20,354

1968 SML Gold Medal II Tenor

Sale Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1968
  • Make:  SML
  • Model:  Gold Medal 2
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish:  Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 20,354

***Big Sound - Great pads***

(On Consignment - Plays great)

These are a French brand with the tone of an American sax: Conn + King + Martin + Keilwerth(German). It has the huge, fat, SML tone. Original Lacquer finish at 65%. These are in the top 3 for BOLDEST tones and harmonics!

This beloved SML GM(Gold Medal) II era tenor with all the features that are loved and sought(except the I vs II rolled tone holes change). Overall, this is functionally "rocking" and it's the kind of sax that you can play and enjoy without the fear of changing or harming the cosmetics (side note: that's why I sought out a 'used looking' SML alto for myself). I see some small bumps and mild damage. But nothing that scares me. I will have to repair the high E post rib (resolder) before the sale, and I'd like to help with a small bell-body-brace indent too. The finish is interesting in how it wore off; it looks more like it flaked off as if the factory has not cleaned the brass thoroughly before lacquering. Also, I noticed the small, engraved initials "TW" near the lower Eb post.

CASE: It arrived with the rectangle wood case. If you desire an upgrade, we can talk about a Protec XL that will fit the massive bell.

Don't forget all the SML features like screw adjustments and "Articulated G# on/off lever", gold springs, and screw adjustments too. These do have a longer neck for positioning and a slight upward angle; both normal on this model.

PADS: Done elsewhere, it has newer, tan pads with selmer-style, plastic resos. They show mild use but have many years of life left.

Sound Files on other SMLs:
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    TENORs file: French Set: Selmer Mark VI vs. Buffet Super Dynaction (SDA) vs. SML Gold Medal - COMPARISON OF 3 FRENCH MADE TENORS
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