Yanagisawa 1970-80s ‘Artist’ Eb Baritone, Stencil, Low A, #876,4xx (Archived)

Yanagisawa stencil: "ARTIST" Baritone, LOW A

Price: as is - SOLD
  • Year: 1970-80s?
  • Make: Yanagisawa
  • Model: Artist, Stencil
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish:  Original, 70%
  • Serial Number: 876,xxx
This bari is from the good 70s era(my gut), and early to the Yanagisawa lineage. (Yani seal on the neck brace, "Japan" with the serial number, which is: #876,4xx. Original lacquer finish at 70% on body & keys. Great, heavy Stainless Steel Springs! (ACTION: firm and fast) These are very nice baritones that you don't have to spend $3000 in order to acquire. No extra heavy damage to mention. (school engraved #s under the serial number) Notes of repair: perhaps to most notable thing is the replacement neck; a few screws have been replaced 7x or so resolders; the tenon screw will need strengthened, & F3 arm. bell lip was slightly bent.
Dents are not too bad for a baritone. I will do my best to make a few of the them disappear and help the cosmetic look. CASE: Arrived with a nice hard, wood case.
Waiting for PC work: matching neck repairs(sizing and tenon work), pads.

Item #:WWS:53N9.9.11.3E1.18.4301.6-0