Yanagisawa 1972 ‘[Vito Stencil] 6 Series/B6’ Eb Baritone, Low A, Bare Brass #1,272,9xx(Archived)

1972 Yanagisawa '[Vito Stencil] 6 Series/B6' Baritone

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1972
  • Make:  Yanagisawa
  • Model:  6 Series (B6)
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original/Bare Brass
  • Serial Number: 1,272,922
Early era professional Yanagisawa/Yani baritone known as the "6 Series". This is the earliest years of the 'stencil' lines (a "stenciled" name engraved on the the bell - built by Yani; and it says "Japan" under the serial number). You can see the Yani logo on the neck brace and the clothes guard. This sax arrived as a trade in, after it had received an estimated $1,200.00 repad + the new case. I will inspect it and make some adjustments as needed. The sax was ADULT OWNED and played semi-professionally by a 30+ year sax player. Outside of that, you can see a few resolders (neck, bell lip, opt.F# guard...), a few pings in the body and the lower bow guard that took a dent.

FINISH: It was stripped from the original finish to bare brass; it has tarnished to a nice, golden color.

CASE: Comes with near new Protec case. ($300)

PADS: The pads are in great shape; tan pads with plastic resonators.

This sax is awaiting a tuneup/adjustment to be ready to blow the doors down.

Item #:WWS2ES7.0ES2.4301.7-C120