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Conn 1930 ‘Pan-Am’ Bb Tenor, #44k

$999.00 - WOW - A vintage Conn for this price?! New Wonder II crossed with 10M, Straight tone holds, It was worked on elsewhere where they installed Jim Schmidt (JS) Black pads ($192 a set!), only main negative is that they weren't made with a Front F key. TONE: "Robust with 2 shots of Clarity".

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Buescher ‘True Tone USA’ Tenor, 1930/40s (WWS refaced) – 0.081″

$155.00 - A huge, large chamber mouthpiece with a very mellow tone. Less trebles are present in the timbre - try your low end and the walls resonant in a unique way. The label markings are less deep and have a look that causes me to believe this is from the 1940s; near the end of the true tone mouthpiece line and some of the last large chamber mouthpieces.

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Otto Link ‘Four **** Model – 4*’ Tenor – 0.070″

SOLD - Warm, Vintage Tone all the way - from the vintage era of the late 1930s and made in New York, a metal mouthpiece that is not loud and bright. These have a huge chamber, low baffle and a very reserved, warm tone. Original tip at 0.070", and I think it can reface to 0.085 pretty easy or maybe even 0.090"(modern 6).

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