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Conn 1926 ‘New Wonder II – Artist’ Eb Alto, Gold #172k

$1,699.00/2,399.00 - "Indian Head" ARTIST engraved Conn New Wonder II Alto sax in gold plate. Ser.# m176,xxx dates to 1926, nailfile G#, rolled tone holes, tuning neck, everything we love.  This sax did take rear bow damage in the last 90 years, sadly, and has other repair proof. Plan to play this one and show it off without fear of it being "too pretty to take out and play".

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Buescher 1963 ‘Buescher 400’ Eb Alto #394k

$1,199.00 - Model S-5 or "Post TH&C", it's a B400 with the big 400 bell, Lacquer body nickel keys, some original pads and snap in resos. This late era is very much like the TH&C but a cheaper option to consider. Big bell flare, rear bell keys, Gold Norton spring system, and all snaps are present! Some dents and dings will get some attention during the rebuild and they should come out nicely.

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Buescher 1955 ‘Aristocrat IV – 157’ Bb Tenor, #356k

$1,399/2,299.00 - Cousin to the Top Hat & Cane, I would label these "Model: 400, series III". Get a TH&C tone for 60% less cost! I consider these to be some of the best bargain/undervalued saxes in the market. You get the engineering designs of previous 400 models with a few changes to neck braces, octave triggers, guard designs, no silver bell ring(underside), but the big bell and 400 rear bell keys.

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Conn 1955 ’10M’ Bb Tenor, #566k

$2,499.00 - A rare beauty! A beautiful example here of what some might call the "last of the real 10Ms" before the Mexico era. An affordable 10M - Comes with a custom built case is great condition. This sax was adult owned, last owner was Owner #3. As I inspected it, I saw about two small dings/dents in the history and one ping. Comes inquire to be owner #4!

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