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CASE: Protec Cases – Official Dealer

$119-489.00 - Protec Cases - Worldwide Sax is an Official Dealer/Distributor with Protec USA products. Our most often recommended items are the Protec XL Contoured Pro Pac as it can fit most all vintage sax models with LH bell keys for added safety (Conn, Martin, JK...) Get 10-30% Off with purchase a WWS Inventory!

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Tenor, Ligature: BG Metal Traditional

SOLD $50.00 - Inverted screw design, with dual reed plates. I was told this was a Gold model, I think it is but I'm not sure. So I'll make it a fair price for either the lacquer or gold finish (Compare new at $88 or $110).

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Misc: Sax Care Kit

$15.00 - This starter kit is geared for the Alto/Tenor students we serve who are just starting out. It's built by the Prestini company with a cloth, long swap, short swab, mouthpiece brush, small brush, cork grease, and reed case.

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