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Conn 1930 ‘Pan-Am’ Bb Tenor, #44k

$999.00 - WOW - A vintage Conn for this price?! New Wonder II crossed with 10M, Straight tone holds, It was worked on elsewhere where they installed Jim Schmidt (JS) Black pads ($192 a set!), only main negative is that they weren't made with a Front F key. TONE: "Robust with 2 shots of Clarity".

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Keilwerth 1963 ‘The New King’ Bb Tenor, Black Nickel, #47k

$ TBD New Arrival - Here is a very early example of black nickel plating! Wow - it is the oldest serial number of such finish that I've got my hands on and I really want to keep this one.  It has rolled tone holes, the "JK" tube stamp, solid sheet guards, and the early era pearls (normal sized, not the huge JK ones we know know). Serial number #47k matches on the neck and body. 

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Jupiter ‘Capital Edition CES-770 II’ Bb Tenor, #UF0168x

COMING SOON - $1,099.00 - A great sax with 1-year warranty! - I looked at the serial number an read "UFO..."; It must be out of this world! Great Ergos, high F# key, nice new case. Made in Taiwan, These have fast action and you'll love it over most any student sax. The neck is original and silver with this model and is credited with a crisper, clearer presence in the tone.

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