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Keilwerth 1963 ‘The New King’ Bb Tenor, Black Nickel, #47k

$ TBD New Arrival - Here is a very early example of black nickel plating! Wow - it is the oldest serial number of such finish that I've got my hands on and I really want to keep this one.  It has rolled tone holes, the "JK" tube stamp, solid sheet guards, and the early era pearls (normal sized, not the huge JK ones we know know). Serial number #47k matches on the neck and body. 

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Buescher 1955 ‘Aristocrat IV – 157’ Bb Tenor, #356k

$1,399/2,299.00 - Cousin to the Top Hat & Cane, I would label these "Model: 400, series III". Get a TH&C tone for 60% less cost! I consider these to be some of the best bargain/undervalued saxes in the market. You get the engineering designs of previous 400 models with a few changes to neck braces, octave triggers, guard designs, no silver bell ring(underside), but the big bell and 400 rear bell keys.

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Conn 1955 ’10M’ Bb Tenor, #566k

$2,499.00 - A rare beauty! A beautiful example here of what some might call the "last of the real 10Ms" before the Mexico era. An affordable 10M - Comes with a custom built case is great condition. This sax was adult owned, last owner was Owner #3. As I inspected it, I saw about two small dings/dents in the history and one ping. Comes inquire to be owner #4!

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