Beechler ‘Bellite – 7’ Tenor, 1980s Charles Black era, (WWS Reface) – 0.099″

vintage Beechler BELLITE #7(now 8) Tenor Mouthpiece

Price: $699.00
  • Make: Beechler
  • Model: Bellite
  • Number:  7 (now a #8 tip)
  • Era:  1980s
  • Status: For Sale
  • Ligature: yes, original; & cap.
  • Facing: WWS
  • Tip-Size: 0.099", 23mm facing

A bold mouthpiece that will bring power to your sound in a modern tone. This is from the vintage, Charles Black era - Bright, crisp, power, brilliance, just: "special" - and is the most desired of these models.

It plays big and loud with the "cut" in the focused sound. This is designed to have a modern tone that is bright and edgy. A lot of folks who love their old Dukoffs have similar joy with these.

This one arrived in original condition, without any damage or marking to suggest otherwise; & measuring above the #7 (0.095) current factory specs at 0.098". The #8 is now sold at 0.100". I inspected it further to find that the table was not flat enough and the curve was too short, and it didn't play great. But it was worth saving, which caused a full reface repair to move forward. A small research note, the 1980s dating is supported by my acquisition of this mouthpiece with a saxophone from the original owner that was an early 80s model sax.

Current retail Beechler Bellite descriptions: "The Beechler Bellite Tenor saxophone mouthpieces are cast with the highest quality stainless steel designed to enhance the power of the instrument. The hardness of this metal provides an ultra fast response time to bring out the brilliance of the overtone series. Get all of the wonderful Beechler sound but with the projection and edge of metal."

Retail new is $353-429 on a #7 or 8, but these early era ones are the coveted ones. This comes with the worn, original ligature and cap and now measures a 0.099" (basically the #8) with a professional inspection and reface($125+). Current listings, who know what they have, sparing damage etc, will price these from $500-1200.00.

It has a the original ligature, cap and packaging tube.

Check it out - and ask for the "WWS 3-Day Trial".(shipping required)

Sound Files on this mouthpiece.... COMING SOON ...


Vintage 1980s Beechler BELLITE Research

I felt compelled to put some vintage research together. I want to call attention to the transition of ligatures and screws. I will put my currently-assumed order as numbers: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

1) First Era - a standard metal wrap ligature with rounded screws & metal cap.

Rounded screws, cap with center band engraving, and "france" at the bottom, of all things.

2) Silver metal ligature with mixed screws - on a "reed bumps" ligature.

This one is an unknown factor for me right now. The round screw looks like a factory match to the previous generation. The flat screw is a substitute.

3) Silver metal ligature with reed bumps

Transition to larger round screws, matte black cap.

4) Black metal ligature with reeds bumps (sold currently, 2000+ era, with the mouthpieces)**

Those specific examples cited are below:

Via eBay seller "greatlakeswinds" from Wisconsin, United States, who is another reputable sax mind:

"This listing is for a Beechler tenor saxophone mouthpiece. It is the model commonly known as the "Bellite", although it is not marked as such on the mouthpiece. These are made of high quality surgical steel. This is a 'vintage' Charles Black era Bellite from the 1980's. It has the more rounded tip and window, vertical mill marks, and facing number on the table. These are all identifying characteristics of early Bellites. The facing number is 7, which is by far the most desirable! It measures .105". This piece is in excellent condition. The tip, table, and rails are perfectly smooth and all original. The bite plate is free of tooth indentations. It has never been dropped or damaged. It comes with a cap and ligature, but I don't think that they are original to the mouthpiece." Asking $499.00
***NOTE: WWS #7 mouthpiece has the same ligature, cap, and packaging tube. Seems conclusive enough for me to say that these are indeed the original parts of that era, and, dare I say, they are under pricing their mouthpiece.

Via WWS 9-2019: Beechler 'Bellite - 7' 1980s Charles Black era, Tenor, (WWS Reface)- 0.099"

A small research note, the 1980s dating is supported by my acquisition of this mouthpiece with a saxophone from the original owner that was also an early 80s model sax.

Via eBay seller "jwsaxophone" from Massachusetts, United States, who is another reputable sax mind:

Early vintage Beechler Bellite Soprano Sax mouthpiece Original 6
"This has been a one owner piece. The earliest vintage like this one , have the facing stamped on the table, later ones have it one the body.
A powerful piece that will get your soprano heard and loved in a wide variety of higher volume contexts. For smooth jazz players, or rock players, or anyone in electric settings its just a superb choice. With the original beechler cap, lig, box and pouch. Complete." Asking $499.00

Via eBay seller "jonathan104" from Pennsylvania, United States:

1980s Beechler Belite 8 alto sax mouthpiece by Charles Black
"This is a vintage Charles Black made Beechler Belite that was bought in the mid 1980's at the Beechler factory. Charles Black gave him about 15 of these to try and this is the one that he purchased. This was around the same time that Dave Koz, Eric Marienthal, and Gerald Albright got theirs, this one is from the same time period as all of theirs, the 1980s." Asking $999.00

Via eBay seller "chocolateman13 " from California, United States:

1980's BEECHLER Bellite 7 Metal Sax Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone #7 vintage
"In very good condition, though has surface scratches. Includes the original ligature. The mouthpiece has had some repair completed by the original manufacturer (Beechler). Please reference the photo that shows the minor issue prior to the repair. The mouthpiece will be shipping quickly and securely." Asking $825.00

MODERN ERA (2000s)

Photos of BELLITE Alto 7 with ligature, courtesy of eBay via seller "chicagobenge":

[an unmarked, custom option] "Beechler Bellite Custom Alto Saxophone Sax Mouthpiece 7 (Dave Koz, E.Marienthal)"
"For sale is a custom Beechler Bellite Alto Saxophone mouthpiece that I purchased from the factory. I was on tour with Don Henley and Glenn Frey (Eagles) at the time and I picked this one out of many I tried. It is unmarked (no number) but the tip opening seems to be around a .085 making it a #7 facing. It is the same model that Dave Koz, Euge Goove, and Eric Marienthal play. It's in pristine teeth scratches (I used a pad). A tiny unpainted spot on the table where the reed sits is a factory blemish...see pic (it was like that when I bought it)." [$bidding auction]

If you have any further info to add or correct on this research, I am anxious to receive your email, photos, or phone call. Thanks for helping WWS with research!

Photos & words courtesy of eBay & sellers.
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