Berg Larsen ‘100-1-M(offset)’ Tenor, 1950/60s Duckbill – 0.100″

Berg Larsen Stainless Metal 100-1-M(offset)

Price: 399.00
  • Make: Berg Larsen
  • Model:   early duckbill
  • Number: 100-1-M (Offset)
  • Era:  1950s/60s
  • Status: For Sale
  • Ligature: Yes, original
  • Facing:  Original, 26mm
  • Tip-Size:  0.100"

A early era Berg stainless steel, metal Tenor mouthpiece with original ligature with a "0" stamp(no cap). The early Duckbill shape is too close to the 1980s+ Straightbill design, but the table marking are the clearer help for identifying the era... plus the offset M.

  • Modern Berg markings, Tone Chamber:
    • 0 = Brilliant
    • 1 = Bright
    • 2 = Round

"SMS" Marking is for Short Facing length (vs "M"). This early example has the crooked; or what we call the "offset" stamp.

WWS re-purchased this from a client after many years - I was happy to rebuy it.  Comes with an original era box - black top and red label; but the under marking are a different tip size..

Item: WWSL01.4W0.0W0.01192.2-C0-001