Berg Larsen ‘120-2-SMS – SELECT’ Tenor, 1970-80s Rubber – 0.115″ (Archived)

Berg Larsen 120-2-SMS hard rubber Tenor

Price: SOLD
  • Make: Berg Larsen
  • Model:  straight Signature - "Select"
  • Number: 120-2-SMS
  • Era:  1970s/80s
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: Yes, Nickel
  • Facing: Original, WWS enhancement req'ed
  • Tip-Size:  0.115"? TBD

A super rare, 'SELECT' model Berg Larsen mouthpiece from the 1970s/80s. It has a straight signature, very offset SMS marks the 'Select' label on the shank, bullet chamber and horizontal table markings.  (I think the "SMS" being offset was made on purpose for all 'select' models to be reminiscent of a true vintage Berg--a throwback.)

From the Berg Larsen "Select" box:

"The legendary name of Berg Larsen is revered worldwide for his mouthpieces, each one crafted by hand to the original patterns of the late Berg himself. The range is comprehensive, but Berg Larsen have chosen to select a specialist set of mouthpieces for saxophones which will carry exclusively the 'Select' grading. Designed for both professional and amateur players of the modern of traditional music, each Berg Larsen 'Select' mouthpiece uses the Tone Chamber measurement 2. This will ensure sonority and an extremely high standard of control, dynamics and tone.

Available for Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophones, every Berg Larsen 'Select' mouthpiece is hand tooled in England for the top grade Ebonite, with quality and accuracy, the Berg Larsen byword. Tip openings can be chosen to suit the individual embouchures with ranges from 70 (1.78mm) to 120 (3.05mm). Only your favourite mouthpieces are available as Berg Larsen 'Select' models, and every musician will find his ideal mouthpiece from thie exclusive range."

NOTE: I can now say that even a "Select" mouthpiece can need repair. This is one of those. The table marks show that it is 10)% original still, yet some how the table is not level. I bet that's why I ended up with it - It's time to ignite it's true potential!

REFACING: On arrival the tip is measuring 0.108-113" due to an unlevel table. WWS will reface this mouthpiece to a superb playing facing. I will however wait for a short time to allow you to request the perfect tip size for you. The correct 're-sizing' should set this at 0.115".

SOUND: C'mon, it's a Berg 120! Expect a big, robust, yet clear, the #2 baffle helps leave some warmth in this robust core tone. It reminds me of my frequent flyer(110-2-SMS).

Historical Note: these having a 1950s era label don't add up for me; the ligatures that can be seen on the 70s era models. Although Rose-Morris Ltd. in London was distributing Bergs in England, an old link I found from the National Jazz Archives of Crescendo, August 1963 edition, has the company name with a metal Berg mpc in the ad. LINKED HERE That's as far back as I've linked the Rose-Morris Ltd. with Berg on a quick search. But most blog commentators who had a 'Select' Berg Larsen recall it from their life in the 1980s.

Sound File .... TBD
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