Woodwind ‘Meliphone Special – B5*’ Alto, (Mojo Refaced) – 0.080″

Steel Ebonite [Woodwind Co.] Alto Mouthpiece


Price: $149.00!
  • Make: [Woodwind], Steel Ebonite
  • Model: Meliphone Special
  • Number:  B5*
  • Era:  1920s-50s?
  • Status: For Sale!
  • Ligature: N/A, Ask
  • Facing: Mojo, 23mm facing length
  • Tip-Size:  0.080"

A unique design: Straight side walls (think Brilhart) into a larger throat/chamber than narrows back to the neck bore size. Terrific material. I love all Steel Ebonite mouthpieces and this one is unique at that. The added ring at the shank is a great addition for long-term shank protection - the ring is silver plated and was photoed in un-polished condition.

"Patent Process No. 1452953" - a refacing machine
(I've seen the same for Dick Stabile "Special" mouthpieces too)

The Mojo reface looks excellent, as always, and his markings are: "46, 080, Mojo +5".

There appears to be a small tooth groove under the clear bite pad. Nothing to worry about.