Yamaha ‘YSS-L1’ Soprano, 1970s – 0.045″

Yamaha YSS-L1 Soprano

Price: $169.00
  • Make: Yamaha
  • Model: YSS
  • Number: L1
  • Era: 1970s
  • Status: For Sale!
  • Ligature: yes, original
  • Facing:  Original, needs WWS help
  • Tip-Size:  0.045"

A rare Yamaha soprano mouthpiece made of hard rubber or blended composite (it definitely has some rubber). Straight baffle, straight side walls into a very small round chamber. This one is in great condition and also has a thin front tip rail --that's a good thing and not all had that.

This mouthpiece is to a  Yamaha 61 (purple logo) what the Selmer S-80 became to Selmer. It was paired with the pro Yamahas.

With original, grooved ligature! (and a Selmer cap. PS-I will clean the green on the cap up for you.)

Under inspection, I would like to fine tune the table levelness and tip rail before it is ready to go. This can easily be done before you test it or order it.

Item #: WWSL0W0.12071.6-005-C0