Buescher 1936 ‘Aristocrat I – The Aristocrat’ Bb Tenor, #273k

1936 Buescher 'The Aristocrat' Tenor

Sale Price: $2,299.00 $1,569.00
  • Year:  1936
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: The Aristocrat, series 1
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish: Relacquered
  • Serial Number: 273,5xx

(On Consignment - Good pads;)

Blended dark lacquer colors. Sadly, not original finish, but it oozes the vintage look. It looks like the era of 50s re-lacquer color to me. These Aristocrats are well-loved and respected for a little punch in their warm tone. The bells on this Aristo model have that narrow look, which I think helps add to its unique projection.

SPECS: In a relacquered finish, the snap in resos are present. There is one F# bridge rocker missing (a tiny piece that sits over the G# linkage arm to the lower stack). We can discuss what to do here; I may even be able to fabricate a nice replacement. There is one pro repair to the neck key posts bases. It had to be cut and resoldered. I think I can help this improve also.(added fabrication is at cost for the buyer.)

PADS: They look very good with lots of life left. They don't look like metal-backed replacements, but that doesn't hurt playability. I think that it may actually help the longevity of the pad adjustments.
*I will work with the owner to get a mild tuneup included so that you can love this sax from the start.

CASE: Yes, molded wrap with medium hard shell (not as hard or heavy as a protec).

Here's a Sound file to compare some Buescher Aristocrats:
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