Conn 1925 ‘New Wonder II – “Chu Berry”‘ Bb Soprano, Nickel #165,897 (Archived)

1925 Conn "New Wonder II" Soprano


Limited Time Sale!

  • Year:  1925
  • Make:  Conn
  • Model: New Wonder II
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Nickel
  • Serial Number: 165,897

COMBO SET: Sax, Mouthpiece, Ligature, Cap, Lyre - with original pads from the 1920s!

A beautiful, rare time-capsule find in original white pads without resos or even rivets! AND it plays! Plays OK/Good on 95 year old pads!

Keyed to F with the modern layout(!), Finish: Original Nickel plating is in excellent condition. This is the early era of the NW2 before the less desired "stretch" model came about. I know this will be a fantastic player as my #147k is amazing(*biased opinion).

CASE: Original case in beautiful condition to match.

MOUTHPIECE: Combo Sale for the collectors... Included is a Conn Tuneable soprano mouthpiece with ligature and cap. It is rubber and measures at 0.045".

*Due to the transitional era in 1925 from the New Wonder 1 to 2, I suspect that this will be very much more closely linked in sound to my personal 1924 Conn NW1 (in sound files below). It may actually be better labeled as a New Wonder I/II Transitional model like the many tenors that I've had around this serial number.

Sound File of Conn New Wonder 1 - Curved vs Straight
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    SOPRANOs-Keilwerth New King #54k, Martin Handcraft #51k, Conn New Wonder 147k, on Selmer Super Session mouthpiece, Sound File 11-2019
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    Worldwide Sax
    SOPRANOs-1988 Yamaha YSS-62Rii Purple 10,1xx, Yamaha YSS-62 Purple 10,8xx, Conn 1924 #147k, Mouthpiece-Selmer Super Session Sound File 3-2019
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Item #:WWS05.0W0.0W0.02212.0-C0