Conn 1931 ‘6M – Art Deco Transitional’ Eb Alto, GOLD #246k

 1931 Conn 6M Transitional Alto

Burnished Gold Plate, Full Naked Lady

From Bob Carpenter's Collection:

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1931
  • Make:  Conn
  • Model: New Wonder II/6M, Art Deco
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Gold
  • Serial Number: 246,906

(On Consignment)

Exquisite, Rare, Beautiful. Extremely Clean. Is there anything that I can really say here? This deluxe 6M is one of the first as they came off the line. The early era didn't have the full back pants guard and the pinky table was changing from the NW2 into the 6M version. This is the 'fully stylized naked lady' or some call the 'sun goddess'. All in all, it's the Artist Special #00 finish (burnished gold) with deluxe engraving in the Transitional era.

In original gold plate and in fantastic condition. Bob kept it locked in the case most of his ownership. It has the steel needle springs on old pads... and it still plays.

CASE: Yes.

Small extra notes: Original pads. Missing lyre screw(I'm sure a donor Conn 6M one can easily be found.)

Item #:WWSConBC5W5.0W1.04201.9