Keilwerth 1955 ‘Tone King’ Eb Alto, #25k

1955 Keilwerth 'Tone King' Alto

Price: $1,699.00 rebuilt
  • Year:  1955~
  • Make: Keilwerth
  • Model:  Tone King
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish: Original
  • Serial Number: 25,xxx

(On Consignment - Rebuild required, Does not play)

Original finish Tone King alto. Excellent German build and JK lineage. It currently has no pads in it and will get those during the rebuild (ha!).  original lacquer, nickel plated keys and the plastic pants guard is intact!

The Keilwerth altos play a little brighter than their tenor counterparts do, by comparison. They are still "vintage" and "sweet", but consider these to have some upper treble 'cut' in their skills.

CASE: yes. Original Keilwerth case. (I have the proper Keilwerth case photoed with a The Martin Alto that I intend to swap around to pair this with the original case.)

PADS: none installed. Can not test sax.

Item #:WWSConRF0W0.0W35.60.12061.8-C0-L022