SML 1963 ‘Gold Medal’ Bb Tenor, #18,660

1963 SML Gold Medal I Tenor


Price: $5,599.00
  • Year:  1963
  • Make:  SML
  • Model:  Gold Medal 1
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish:  Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 18,660

***Clean sax - Great pads - New Case***

A beloved SML GM(Gold Medal) 1 era tenor with all the features that are loved and sought. It is in great condition to match. These are a French brand with the tone of an American sax - Conn+King+Martin+Keilwerth(German). It has the huge, fat, SML tone during some of their best years. Original Lacquer finish at 97%. These are in the top 3 for BOLDEST tones and harmonics!

It is a very clean, original finish sax with very mild evidence of use. I see two small ding/dents on the lower bow, tiny dimples on a side of the neck, and a few scuffs on from a sax stand(?) on the bell(front only). I see no resolders! There is an added octave thumb rest add-on. This is a well-done, and wise add-on for the player! (I know, as an SML owner and lover.)

CASE: It arrived with a non-original wrap case. However, this one is so nice and I want you to keep it nice so I want to include a new, upgrade to a Protec XL . If you don't want it, we can adjust the price a little lower and it can ship in the simple wrap case.

Don't forget all the SML features like screw adjustments and "Articulated G# on/off lever" too. These do have a longer neck for positioning and a slight upward angle; both normal on this model.

PADS: It has newer, tan pads with modern selmer-style resos(domed metal with rivet). They show mild use but have many many years of life left.

Sound Files on other SMLs:
  • Actual Sax in Track 1.
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    TENORSx3-2xMPCS-MarkVi_30M_SMLrevD-- 1
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    TENORs file: French Set: Selmer Mark VI vs. Buffet Super Dynaction (SDA) vs. SML Gold Medal - COMPARISON OF 3 FRENCH MADE TENORS
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    TENORS-MPC, SMLs_SelmerClassic, Eagl
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    TENORS-MPC, SMLs_SelmerClassic, Eagl
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