Yamaha 1980s ‘YSS-62 “Purple Logo”‘ Bb Soprano, #10,8xx

1980s Yamaha 62 "Purple Logo" Soprano

Price: $3,599.00
  • Year:  1980s
  • Make:  Yamaha
  • Model:  YSS-62, "purple logo"
  • Status:  For Sale!
  • Finish:  Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 10,8xx

Highly sought after "purple logo" YSS-62 - Serial # 10,8xx, original lacquer in good, used, condition. Keyed to high F# also. It's in relatively clean condition with the pictures telling the story; I'll note the upper pip either has an acid bleed or a light resolder. This sax was owned by an adult player and played/loved well. It arrived to WWS with the many of the original factory pads in it. It does play decent right now to test and get a vibe on its tone and ergos - I like it. (This is the older, deeper tone from the "purple logo" era.)

REBUILD: (Included) - TBD - It will get a WWS Standard Rebuild included and be a sweet soprano for your collection and enjoyment. You can order it and help choose the setup. However, left to my own methods, I would do a  similar setup as the factory original.

CASE: Original hard case.

This is a Consignment instrument, however, is being sold as a normal WWS inventory which will include a rebuild to your personal specifications.

Sound Files on this sax... coming soon...(Track 1 on a YSS-61)

Track 1: SOPRANOs x4: King Marigaux, Conn Curved New Wonder 1, Yamaha YSS61, Martin Typewriter, Sound File 10-2013

Track 1: SOPRANO x2: Yamaha YSS-475 vs Yamaha YSS-62 Purple Logo, on bench hard rubber, small chamber, Sound File 2-2018

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    TO EDIT SOPRANOS-Marigaux_ConnCurved
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