How To Order Detail

How To Order Detail

Aside from our How To Order form, this section will feel be the expanded explanations of pricing & options.

Process Overview

  • 1. Choose your Sax (add rebuild price, if yours)
  • Plan for the DEPOSIT: 50% of the TOTAL cost. (Layaway DEP is 25%)
  • 2. Choose your Method of Payment
  • 3. Your Shipping Address/Telephone
  • Include Telephone number
  • Desired insurance for the trip home:
  • Just + $2.00 per $100, your choice. ($300 = included)
  • 4. Choose Rebuild Options: (scroll down for price list)
  • 5. Ask questions

We like Email: or if you must,
give Chadd a call: 360-631-0943

Rebuild Price Overview

Complete rebuilds: Our  "French Standard" -and-"Vintage Standard":

  • Alto/Soprano:

    $824.00 (lacquered), $979.00 silver/gold

  • Tenor/C-Melodies:

    $999.00 (lacquered), $1239.00 silver/gold

  • Baritone:

    $1269.00 lacquered Bari's,  $1489.00 silver/gold

***Conn 26M, 28M and 30M have a $299.00 up charge due to Conn set screws.

***All Rebuilds will have WA State tax at 9.7%, because work is done In State.

Payment Options

  • Cash: self explanatory, in-person option.
  • Check/Money Order: can be mailed or written while here in the shop. Made to: "Worldwide Sax"
          Worldwide Sax
          PO Box 88904
          Tukwila, WA 98138
  • Paypal: (Fee, sometimes) It is the fastest online payment method, but we have to add their 3.55% fee.  Offers you the ability to put it on your Credit Card or E-Checks also have a flat fee (which may save you $) but also require time to clear the Banks. Ask me how to avoid fees using "Friends & Family" options.
  • Venmo: (No Fee) We just have to link our profiles. Although owned by PayPal, it is more of relationship payment system without fees currently. The WWS account profile is "Worldwide-Sax".
  • Credit/Debit Card (Fee: 2.75-4.55%): Via Paypal Here, the mobile card reader on my phone can swipe all credit and debit cards. For In-Shop purchases, a lower 2.75% fee; over the phone is the standard 3.55%. International: expect 4.0-4.55%.
  • Zelle/Sure Pay/ClearXchange: (No Fee) A Bank-to-Bank money transfer option to send money to our Email address No fees attached. Use: (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase...)
  • Wire Transfers: These are becoming a frequent use here due to Paypal fees and will generally only cost about $15-30 (only $15 for WWS receiving fee). Payments clearing the Banks can take 3-4 days.
  • Western Union: I have worked with international buyers with this option. Fees are paid on your end.


U.S.A. Mouthpieces:

(via USPS Small Flat Rate Box - insured)

  • $100 @ 10.00
  • $150 @ $11.00
  • $300 @ $12.00
  • $600 @ $16.50
U.S.A. (lower 48) via UPS
  • Soprano - west coast 47.00 - 55 mid - east coast, 66.00
  • Alto - west coast 55.00 - 77 mid - east coast, 89.00
  • Tenor -  west coast 70.00 - 109 mid - east coast 120.00
  • Bari price is variable, please ask (i.e.: to TN ins. @ $1100 = $150)
  • ***Insurance is about $1 per $100 insured extra
International via USPS "Express"
  • Every country is special due to box size limits. Our best early estimates: $110-160 for soprano, alto, tenor; $150-500 for baritones.
  • Shipping bigger horns via UPS/Fedex/DHL, about$372.57 alto,  $456.89 tenor, 525.00 bari
  • ***USPS maximum international insurance is $650 to many countries. We reserve the right to require UPS or higher rate shipping to gain proper insurance.


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Many of our options are "included" in your Rebuild Price.
REQUEST YOUR OPTIONS.  Design your own!

Premium Upgrade

  • Want the Best? Add our Premium Upgrade for $299
    Our "Premium Rebuilds" offer you the fastest & quietest action we can offer. The most important difference is Teflon and Ultrasuede friction reduction, as well as Techcork bumpers, high-density black felt and disks, and synthcork quieting, throughout the rebuild. We specifically dedicate our expertise to choose which cork/ teflon product (all in varying thickness) will work best for each moving component on your specific saxophone make & model!
    *Techcork: dense, rubber-like compound, waterproof, does not compress over time like Natural Cork.
    *Synthcork: spongy, rubber compound that is an excellent noise reducer/shock absorber.
    *Teflon/Felt: ultra smooth combination we purposefully use back-to-back for the fastest action.
    *We, of course, dive deeper into the mechanical clearances - swedging, pivot screw depths and fit, etc.
    *....and other WWS secrets.


  • Prestini (included)
  • Buescher metal-backed (included)
  • Saxgourmet Black leather Kangaroo skin pads
  • 60.00 (soprano), 85.00 (alto), or 101.00 (tenor), contact us for bari pricing.


  • Flat metal w/ rivet: (included)
  • Pisoni, seamless domed metal: (included)
  • Plastic domes: (included)
  • Noyak alum. w/ rivet: (included)
  • Flat, seamless nickel: $45.00
  • Resotech: approx. $150 - 350+ **Near Cost!
    • Brass, Nickel, Silver, Solid Sterling Silver; Flat or Domed.


  • Shop Rate: $64.00 per hr.
  • Fabrication Rate: $90 per hr.
  • Full Spring Replacement: $210.00 during rebuild, ($362 with 3hr labor if disassembly is required.)
  • Chemical stripping: $175 soprano, $200.00 alto, $285.00 tenor, $410 Baritone.
  • Acid Bath: $85.00
  • Acid+ Treatment: $85.00+60.00 (3-step process)
  • Lacquer Preservation: $80.00 Soprano, $120.00 alto, $140.00 tenor, $190.00 Baritone


These are basic prices that assume the sax part is already stripped and shined.

(Expect: $30 for prep costs even for "clean" objects.)

  • Mouthpieces:  82.50  (assumes it is ready to plate, we apply silver, then gold)
  • Bell interior (-40% for sopranos, 2x baritones): Silver Bell...... 89.00
  • (add over silver)  Gold Bell interior... 128.00
  • (add over silver)  Rose Gold Bell interior ...... 119.00
  • Each Key: 12.00-24.50 depending on size
  • Neck plating: Silver 89.00 +gold over silver for 128.00 more.