Plating Services

Plating Services



NOTE: silver is a base layer to gold plating. For best results, it is a bonding requirement & recommendation. If gold is desired, add silver & gold price to totals.

For large or extensive projects, we will ship out to Anderson's Silver Plating in Illinois; they are great to work with and they love WWS. We now have an alternative to Anderson's plating for smaller projects. We do gold and silver electro-plating. That's right, we now have a: Gold Star Pro plating system--The industry's premier silver and gold plating system.  Ask about having us plate your bell interior in 24 karat GOLD or ROSE GOLD.



These are basic prices that assume the sax part is already stripped and shined. Both Silver and Gold have gone up considerably in price, I will continue to offer it as long as I can, but I have had to up my prices.

Mouthpiece Plating

  • 82.50 Assumes it is ready to plate, we apply silver, then gold. (price per layer, silver/gold)


Bell interior

  • 40% for sopranos, 2x the price for Baritones
  • Silver Bell... 89.00
  • GOLD 24 karat Bell... 128.00 (add over silver)
  • Rose Gold Bell interior... 119.00(add over silver)


Key Plating

  • Each key 10.00-22.50 depending on size

Neck plating

  • Silver 89.00 add gold over silver for 128.00 more.

***Ask about pricing for other projects you may have in mind.***


Major Silver Restorations

These are part of a coordinated effort with Anderson's Silver Plating in Illinois, USA. They are an important part when it comes to instrument knowledge and plating thicknesses. I recommend we plan major projects with this in mind as their professional silver(+) vats will offer thicker plating.



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