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Other: ‘Penzel Mueller “New York”‘ Tenor, Hard Rubber – 0.065”

$45.00 - Is this a from a Brilhart "Hard Rubber" blank??? After a customer noticed the similarities to the Brilhart "Hard Rubber" mouthpiece design, I looked into this one further. Under inspection:
-yes, the side walls vs the rounded walls.
-the HR has a longer beak tooth pad, but shorter overall mpc length.
-the HR has more of a roll-over baffle (I think this is true also prior to the refacing of the HR in the photo too).
= however, I would not put this two mouthpieces in the same "sound" category... but there may be something to say about the potential of the similar rubber material being used due to their resemblance. Although, I lean toward pointing out the color of their rubbers. That doesn't rule the PM mouthpiece out though. Perhaps these Penzel-Mueller mouthpieces are in the "deep sleeper" category for tone, price, and popularity. Item:WWSL4.7W6.12151.6-010

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Rico ‘Graftonite B5’ Tenor, Black – 0.096″ (Archived)

SOLD - These can be great starter mouthpieces. Rico's description on this new mouthpiece: "RICO ROYAL GRAFTONITE TONE CHAMBERS Tone Chamber Style (A, B, or C): The tone chamber of a mouthpiece is the inside area of the mouthpiece. The size and shape of the tone chamber will change the tone quality of the instrument. The bigger the facing number, the farther back the reed goes before actually touching the mouthpiece. Changing the facing of the mouthpiece will generally change the volume of the instrument. With a shorter facing (3), less of the reed is vibrating, so the instrument will tend to be quieter, with a longer facing (7), more of the reed is vibrating, so the instrument will tend to be louder." Item: WWSL4.7W6.12151.6-001

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