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Selmer ‘S80 – D’ Soprano – 0.052″ (Archived)

SOLD - Hard rubber, focused sound, easy response. It's a bit aged (green) but in good condition. Legit for concert band but able to cross genres too--square chamber mpcs. It arrived with factory 0.050 (incorrect for "D")...Tip will measure ~0.052" after I clean up the seal. It will play great. Sorry no lig or cap...yet.
Item #:WWSL0W0.12071.6-002-C15

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Martin 1949 ‘The Martin Alto’ Eb Alto, #174,5xx (Archived)

SOLD - A sax with that "It Factor" in the tone: easy to play, outstanding response, and makes your head tilt in joy after a few notes. That's one of the main reasons we are considering the restoration.
FINISH: some correct color, clear engraving, but heavy lacquer runs. I'm left to input my expert opinion as: Original without heavy buffing with addition spot relacquering that was messy.
CASE: We'll find a nice one to pair with it, a Protec ProPac.

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