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LeBlanc 1960 ‘Rationale System’ Bb Tenor, w/ F#, #494

SALE $2,999.00 - One of the coolest saxophones ever made! - Made to solve most all of the "saxophone issues" with intonation, evenness, with tone hole venting and also so engineered that it has mass amounts of screw adjusters (Add $300+ to a rebuild price for such; more pads, more adjustments like a Conn 26M/30M...). I have seen multiple variations on this model as they may have made changes along the design (different neck emblems, octave keys..., most notable -- You can compare it to Sarge's Collection LeBlanc too; at #513 it had a different neck altogether!)
SOUND: Big, resonant, loud but centered core, controllable power, focus yet depth....
Chadd Comment: "They remind me of a SML Rev D/GM crossed with a Buffet S1!"
PADS: the setup is currently in original setup! (I love that) with old pads and screw in resonators (must be reused). ***It's may be missing the F3 reso.
CASE: Original LeBlanc case in vintage condition. It arrived with a lightly 'old' smell so I'll treat that with some of my special cleaners. Ask me how this ends up.
Item #:CON-DG.10-2S88S0.00.10041.7-F60

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