Brilhart ‘Level Air #7 < #9' Tenor, 2000s, (RAC) - 0.110" (Archvied)

Brilhart 'Level Air #7<9' Tenor

Price: SOLD
  • Make: Brilhart
  • Model:  Level Air
  • Number: 7 (now 9)
  • Era:  2000s
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: Yes
  • Facing:  RAC
  • Tip-Size:  0.110"

This is one of my favorite mouthpieces of the modern makers! (my bias is toward a #7 tip).

This was repaired/refaced by master refacer Bob Carpenter. All repairs were silver plated to seal them.

Although you can get these new for a little less money, this one was inspected and perfected by hand.

SOUND: a depth in tone (like a Berg Larsen), which crispness from the metal (nickel plated brass).

Comes with replacement, brass ligature.

Item: BC1W0.0W0.5231.7-BC