Buescher 1924 ‘True Tone’ Eb Alto, Series II, Gold, #171k (Archived)

1924 Buescher 'True Tone' Alto

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1924
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: True Tone
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Gold
  • Serial Number: 171,40x

(On Consignment - Plays great)

One of the best Buescher True Tones I've ever played & favorite horns in the shop right now! - It's burnished GOLD plating, with great pads, and a nice case. What else can I say?

Burnished gold plate (aka: shiny) with some minor wear on the touch points. I honestly don't have much to add to this one... It's a Buescher TT series II, in GOLD, with good pads, and a nice case. It has steel needle springs everywhere except two(C#1 & G), a G# trill, an Eb trill. The only negative mark to mention is the replacement neck screw and the G# pearl button, but that is standard on a series II. There are a few dings, pings, and small dents on the bow.

Neck has no serial number (not the 1, 2, o1...). This model has a great tubby-warmth to the sound --Sigard Rascher made this one famous! They have a tone that is uniquely 'Buescher' for early vintage saxes--almost woody.

PADS: Sax has newer pads with plastic resos. These have lots of life left are in great condition. All pad work was done professionally elsewhere.

CASE: yes, older Protec in good, functional condition. Minor exterior stains just to mention.

This beautiful, burnished gold plate sax is waiting for a new home. Will it be yours?

Sound files to enjoy of True Tones:

Track 1: ALTOs 5x: Buescher BigB325k, VOSS, SML Rev-C #75xx, Buescher TrueTone#205k, OLDS Superstar, Sound File 1-2016

Track 2: ALTOs file: Buescher TrueTone vs. Martin Committee 2 vs. Buescher Aristocrat series 3, Sound File: 1-2011

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