Buescher 1948 ‘Top Hat and Cane 400’ Bb Tenor, #325k (Archived)

1948 Buescher 'Top Hat and Cane 400' Tenor

From Sarge's Collection!

Price: SOLD
  • Year: 1948+/-
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: Top Hat and Cane 400
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original
  • Serial Number: 325,180

One of the sax world's favorite saxes - Original finish - with an earlier serial number #325k dates it to 1948. There's no need to talk this one up. It was originally from Sarge's Collection and a main horn he loved to put in the gig rotation. I had the opportunity to buy this back from selling it the first time; I jumped at that.

In Sarge's own words:

"Serial number 325,180 makes it a 1948 or so.  The top hat is a lovely horn to look at, or play.  It has a warmer sound and does a beautiful job with ballads, but is flexible enough to do jazz with the right mouthpiece.  i've had this one quite a while... it's real nice, but it's not mint, so i don't mind taking to some of the blues clubs we play.  there were a few chair dents in the bow and when i smoothed them, they stayed a little ripple-y... but i don't mind at all.  The engravings are just a joy to look at, i often find myself mesmerized by them. I rebuilt it with a premium rebuild, to improve the feel, with teflon and ultrasuede... my pad selection for this one was Saxgourmet pads and I kept the stock snap-in metal resonators intact, throughout.  Really not for sale.  I like to play it with this mouthpiece below, the two make a super rich/fat combination of tones"

Chadd comments: Properly rebuilt with a custom Black pad rebuild with original snaps and pads glued in (I believe, Sarge may have mentioned). A HUGE TONE! luscious sweetness. One of a kind B400. 

It has a few bumps and bruises from the decades, but personally I like it like this to help me feel calm about taking "pretty yet playable" saxes out to a gig.

CASE: Now with an upgraded Walt Johnson case ($400+) in excellent condition.

Sound Files on Buescher 400 Tenors!
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    TENORS-Three_Buescher_400s-Late 1970s #644k,1955 #356k Aristocrat IV-157, Sarge's 1949-#325k Top Hat & Cane THC(black pads!) - on a rubber Berg 110-2-SMS, Sound File 07-2019
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    TENOR- VI_ChuTranny_B400THC
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