Buescher 1924 ‘True Tone’ Eb Alto, Series II, Silver, #155k Archived)

1924 Buescher 'True Tone' Alto

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1924
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: True Tone
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Silver
  • Serial Number: 155,xxx

(On Consignment - rebuild required)

A unique Buescher TT series II - look at that B bell guard! It looks like an octopus! It looks so good, with factory parts that I must concur that this IS factory original. It is full silver (no gold in the bell). I have a feeling that the original buyer has some clout with the company in order to order these few custom requests. If only saxes could talk...

Neck has no serial number (not the 1, 2, o1...). This model has a great tubby-warmth to the sound --Sigard Rascher made this one famous! They have a tone that is uniquely 'Buescher' for early vintage saxes--almost woody.

CASE: yes, the case in the photos is basically on it's last leg. We may be able to upgrade (swap with another in the shop) if you are buying this with rebuild.

Sound files to enjoy:
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Item #:WWSConRF0W0.0W01.50.12061.8-C0-L012