Buescher 1984 ‘Bundy- Selmer USA’ Eb Baritone, Low Bb #887,xxx (Archived)

Buescher's Selmer Bundy (to Bb), 1984 VERY PRETTY

  • Year: 1984
  • Make: [Buescher]
  • Model: Bundy, Selmer USA
  • Status:  Sold
  • Finish:  Lacquer, nickel keys
  • Serial Number: 887,xxx
This bari is from the good 80s era, still in the student line but great sound for the price. Serial #887xxx. lacquer body, nickel keys. It's basically the end of the Buescher line design with the Selmer takeover(1970s) logo so it has that big bell like the "Buescher 400". Baritones always tend to get beat up but this one was bought new, owned by an ADULT (kids, please note this), and it was well loved. I only saw about 3 minor dings under my close inspection!!! It has a standard case, with the wood wrap design.
Personally, I think the Bb baritones always sound better than a Low A model ...plus, it will save you a ton of money.

Sound File:
  1. 1.
    BARITONEs-Super20,423-Zephyr,295-BuescherBundy,887-Yani9930silver, Sound File 6-2016

Item #:WWS.9.5ES0.141.6-0