Buescher ‘Pickle – Emblem’ Soprano, 1920s (RAC Reface) – 0.059″ (Archived)

"THE BUESCHER" Bb Soprano:

Price: $SOLD
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model:  "the Buescher"/emblem era
  • Serial:  N/A
  • Era: 1920s
  • Tip-Size:  0.059"
  • Facing:  Bob Carpenter Reface, 18mm length
  • Status: Sold!

Hard rubber mpc.  Buescher from the 1920s. Bob Carpenter did work on this one in conjunction with myself, and now it's a Tip size @ 0.059 with 18mm facing length. This one did have a sneaky crack up the beak. Bob will glued that back together and I'll discount the mouthpiece. Comes with original silver ligature and cap.

SOUND: sweet and warm. Not for cutting and being loud.

Item: WWS0.00.1101.4-0-B50C10