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Brilhart ‘Tonalin 4 – Custom 8*’ Tenor, 1960s/70s (RAC reface)- 0.100″

$189.00 - This one arrived on its deathbed. 🙁 but Bob is amazing; he saved it--tooth groove, tip repair and reface! Bob Carpenter refaced the tip to a 0.100" with a 23mm facing--"RAC". It is a longer facing that my normal so my embouchure had to adjust to this piece but after I paired with a happier reed, it came alive (rico plastic coated 2.5 of all things). There are no cracks to mention. These have a medium chamber with shallow side walls.

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Keilwerth 1965 ‘The New King’ Bb Soprano, Nickel Plated #54k

$2,199.00 - SOUND FILE - Serial # 54,xxx original nickel in excellent condition, WWS premium rebuild ($1049) 2005 by the Sarge ($priceless)with black roo pads($70), and teflon and ultrasuede throughout. It has the inline palm keys too like the earlier design. It's not a Couf in design, but they are linked by lineage--Grover Washington Jr. sound. CASE: Original hard case. It Comes with original case in good shape AND a "Bari" brand mouthpiece($+70). You're talking $1200 at cost already into the sax!

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King 1958 ‘Super 20’ Bb Tenor, #362k

$5,299.00 - Nice original lacquer super 20, with the Serial number 362,xxx dates it to roughly 1958. What I really love is the rich, big tone. Super 20's are more or less divided up into 3 categories, early, middle and late production, this one falls in the middle and has a great balance of sound. The King horns sure get my vote and I gig with them often. This one is yet to be rebuilt and will need such to be rockin'. No major dents to worry about; a few pings in the body or backside(some I removed before photos). The bell interior will be washed and treated to help remove the green during a rebuild here. Price includes a killer rebuild and I'd love to help you set it up to your liking. CASE: original King case (note: no end cap for tighter fit inside the case.)

Item #::WWS2ES1.52.80.7121.6-0

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King 1950 ‘Super 20’ Bb Tenor, Full Pearls #308k

$5,999.00 -ON HOLD- #308k!, engraved pants guard!, with tear-drop G#. It arrived in the original case, but I'm not sure you'll want that for daily uses(collecting perhaps). let's talk about how to set this one up with the pads and resos to woo your neighbors!

... please talk me out of putting it in MY collection.

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Selmer ‘S-80 C*’ Alto, Rubber – Multi-listing: 0.065-070″

$85-125.00 - **Usually many in stock** Hard Rubber mouthpieces, excellent quality hard rubber. original tips near 0.065-069". Good for legit, concert band, or orchestra work. black and clean with the script faded/scratched, minor scratches on tooth zone. comes with ligature. These are (and I do) highly recommended these as a first, step-up mouthpiece.
***I try to have a small stash of these around. Usually at $95.00***

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Buescher 1920 ‘True Tone’ Eb Baritone, Silver Plate #96k(Archived)

SOLD - Here's another early TT model ser.#96k, in excellent 93% silver plate, light Goldwash bell (faded). Keyed to high Eb, thus no Front F key, no spit value either on this era, these old saxes are known for their woody tone. It's a buescher thing. If you want true vintage 20's (or earlier) tone, you have to get a buescher or conn. This sax did not have snap in pads. This frees up the new owner to customize the resos to your liking without being concerned about damaging the original body. CURRENT PADS: are newer with plastic resos. The neck looks ok too. Some resolders on the neck joints are present, the most silver wear is on the upper U-joint. Good, hard case.

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Conn 1936 ‘Chu-Transitional-12M’ Eb Baritone, #271k (Archived)

SOLD - For the Gerry Mulligan lovers! ... Ser#271k, Original finish at 90%--color is great! LADY FACE/Naked Lady pentagram engraved on the bell.  It needs a rebuild.  She arrived with lots of dents and dings. I'll work those out.  The neck ring was replaced with a 1940s king zephyr three-ring neckstrap ring (this is actually a good thing for you players). The only other 'bad' worth mentioning, is the Opt F# guard has been lost. I have found a 12M replacement part!! (in bare brass).  There are some dents on the back side that I want to improve and the body tube will straighten during the rebuild; I have no worry there. Case: currently has the Conn-wrapped original. Let's talk about upgrading this...$300? 
Let's get it rebuilt with a WWS Rebuild ($1200+) and let's talk about the special rebuild details you want on this one.  larger brass resos?!? This sax will be a great player with a huge tone!; don't forget the insane market-desire on this model for the Collector in you.

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