Buffet 1974 ‘S-1’ Bb Tenor, SDA Transitional #22,3xx (Archived)

1974 Buffet Crampon S-1 Transitional

Price: SOLD
  • Year: 1974
  • Make: Buffet
  • Model: S-1 Transitional
  • Status: SOLD
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 22,3xx

(On Consignment - Plays OK)

A rare Buffet S-1 transitional with "Super Dynaction" on the body, and no [S-1] label on the bell. But make no mistake, it has all the S-1 components minus the high F#. So no F#3... maybe you'll like that. There's always some voodoo that that hole effects the vibrations.

You'll also notice the neck color variation compared to the body. I do believe it is original simply do to the "transitional" horn details that are evident here. And it is a Buffet neck with the lighter color that is so common on all the later S-1s. After close inspection in rebuild, I suspect a spot-relacquer on the upper body to explain the color variation - I did not see any obvious reason why that was done (good repair!) There are a few dents that came out ease too.

Known for its well design, these heavy horns keep adjustment well and are very reliable, also excellent intonation and crazy gadgets on the Eb/C rocker, Low Bb table, & opt. F#--Highly over-engineered. The S-1 is actually quite brighter and bolder than the previous SDAs; so they're a cross between the Buffet SDA & a King Super 20 but lean towards the French sound.

CASE: older hard case, wood, black wrap; in good working order.

PADS: It arrived with pads that were updated at least once in it's life. They can last a while. Due to that, we are offering the lower Tune-Up price to tend to the oldest/worn out pads, which covers about five or so, and various other adjustments we've accounted for. Or ask us about the full rebuild options.

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Item #: WWSConRF0W0.0W21.00.12061.8-C0719-L009