Cannonball 2002 ‘Big Bell Global Series’ Eb Alto, Black Nickel #109k (Archived)

Cannonball 'Big Bell Global', Black Nickel Alto Sax

Sale Price: SOLD
  • Year: 2001-2005 (~2002)
  • Make: Cannonball
  • Model: Big Bell Global Series, (A1-B)
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Black Nickel
  • Serial Number: 109,534

Who doesn't love the look of black nickel? I will confess that this sax has a tone that lives up to the "big bell" name. There is a nice mid-core resonance that mellows out the tone from other modern textures. It still contains the modern punch with the clarity and the metal resonators help that too.

This is the predecessor to the "Stone" series. Quite honestly, they didn't change a ton between these models and you can get a great sax for the lesser price on this first era. (The next series got precious stone touches, minor cosmetic changes[+matte options], but the silver "Fat" neck did go through changes in bore and underslung design.)

Comes with TWO Necks, silver one for more clarity and ring, the black one for a softer, mellow tone.

Model info from
(A1-B) Big Bell Global Series Alto
Black-Nickel Body / Black-Nickel Keys

CASE: - Yes. changed out to a Protec (older, used model in good shape) with exterior storage and build-in backpack straps that have a pocket to hide in!

I'm also including a new Protec in-bell pouch that can act as a Neck+mouthpiece bag for in-bell storage since this sax has 2 necks.

Sorry - no mouthpiece paired with this at this time.

Cosmetic Rating: 8.8

Item #:WWS11.5ES9.9ES9.05272.0-C30