Cannonball 2009 ‘Big Bell Stone Series – Raven’ Bb Soprano, Curved, Black Nickel #130k (Archived)

Cannonball 'Big Bell Stone Series - Raven', Black Nickel Curved Soprano Sax

Price: Sold
  • Year: 2007-2015 (~2009)
  • Make: Cannonball
  • Model: Big Bell - Stone Series
  • Status:  Sold
  • Finish: Original Black Nickel (B-ICE-B)
  • Serial Number: 130,xxx

(On Consignment) - Plays Great!)

Who doesn't love the look of black nickel, must less matte black? I will confess that this sax has a tone that lives up to the "big bell" name. There is a nice mid-core resonance that mellows out the tone from other modern textures. It still contains the modern punch with the clarity and the metal resonators help that too - it is definitely 'louder' than a vintage sax.

Comes with TWO Necks, silver one for more clarity and ring, the black matte one for a softer, mellow tone. Sax has high F# & high G keys. There are 2-4 small marks of wear and tear scratches(one is above the neck strap ring--photoed), and one dent that was removed near the tip of the back rear bow guard(front tip). I've done my best to feature these markings in the photos. Otherwise, the sax is a "10" on the prettiness.

Model info from
--(SC5-BICEB) Big Bell Stone Series Curved Soprano (Raven)
--Iced Black-Nickel Body / Polished Black-Nickel Keys
Big Bell Stone Series® Curved Soprano Features:
--Big Bell
--Two Hand-Customized Necks (Straight / Curved)
--17 Semi-Precious Stones
--High F# / High G
--Triple-Annealed Bell
--Italian Water-Resistant Leather Pads w/ Wool Felt
--Convex Nickel-Plated Brass Resonators
--Blued Steel Springs
--Power Forged Keys
--Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws
--Adjustable Metal Thumb Hook
--Relief Springs on G# and Low C# keys
--Hard Rubber Mouthpiece
--Hand Acoustically Customized by a Professional

CASE: - Yes. Original hard case in great shape

Cosmetic Rating: 9.5

Item #:WWSConMPitt09.0S0.0S0.12011.7-F08