Conn 1926 ‘New Wonder II – “Chu Berry”‘ Bb Soprano, Curved, Silver #185,11x (Archived)

1926 Conn "New Wonder II", Curved, Soprano

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1926
  • Make:  Conn
  • Model: New Wonder II, Curved
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Silver
  • Serial Number:185,118

(On Consignment -- Plays OK, ask me about small tuneups)

A rare, Conn Chu Berry, nailfile G#, curved Bb Soprano! It is highly sought after!

Keyed to F with the inline palm key design. Finish: Original Silver with gold wash bell. There are only a few curved sopranos we can recommend. This is one! Having the high-F key and it being in great shape overall make this one to pursue. No major damage to report except that you will see a few resolders to the fragile key guards, and one solder mark on the octave key. The goldwash bell is in good shape and I will do some tactful polishing to add some 'zing' to its cuteness.

CASE: Original case in OK, functional condition.

BONUS: comes with vintage "King B" mouthpiece with a large chamber that is a great pairing for intonation needs; and upgraded, vintage ligature; as well as, what I think may be the original Conn mouthpiece cap. Consider this a $200.00 added value!

Sound File of Conn New Wonder 1 - Curved vs Straight
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