Conn 1930 ‘Pan-Am’ Bb Tenor, #44k (Archived)

Conn "Pan-American" Tenor

Price: SOLD
  • Year: 1930
  • Make: Conn
  • Model: Pan-American, "Pan Am"
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Old relacquer
  • Serial Number: 44,44x

This is a sweet tenor that is a Conn Pan-Am sax with a few unique parts. It has a robust tone and has elements of the New Wonder II and Conn 10M, as well as the straight tone holes (Pan Am era). These are pretty awesome saxes, just note that there is no front F key (aka: no altissimo helper). There are some dents and dings that were captured on camera; I will be able to help minimize most all of them. They will come out nicely.

PADS: It was worked on elsewhere where they installed Jim Schmidt (JS) Black pads ($192 a set!). These are not fully setup and will need me to go through the sax and help the setup play 100%. You can read more about this pad system here: JS PADS.

SOUND: similar to a vintage conn tone, add a boost in the Treble (from resos and model). It's "Robust with 2 shots of Clarity".

CASE: old, Vito(?) hard case in function condition, but I would recommend considering a replacement. (ask me about a discount price for upgrading it to a Protec XL at time of purchase.)

The lacquer color is a nice deep, brown hue (the photos look a little bright to me). It just screams the true, "Vintage" look.

Consider it an above-student sax, to intermediate level vintage sax that can probably hold it's own in a sax-duel. What an option! This is a bargain sax for the right person who is looking for this nice vintage sax on a budget! I feel like I'm giving a tenor away.

***CURRENTLY PLAYS: "ok/pretty good". I have since given it the 30min tuneup to help the pads get from 60% to 90% seals and playing ease(Now can play all the way down to Bb). I also helped remove most of the bigger dents too. You can definitely play this sax as is and blow through most of the finer adjustments without knowing, but since I told you, you can also enjoy this sax at the 'as is' price and delay the $200 detailed tuneup for a later date! Come quick!

Item#: WWSL0PU0.0PU0.06011.9-001-C0