Conn 1932 ‘6M’ Eb Alto, Transitional #253,3xx (Archived)

1932 Conn Transtional 6M Alto

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1932
  • Make:  Conn
  • Model: 6M
  • Status:  Sold
  • Finish: Re-lacquer + layer
  • Serial Number: 253,3xx

(On Consignment: Needs Repair) Ask me if I can include it for the listing price!

One of the sought after Conn 6M Serial #s 253k, with rolled tone holes, G# trill key and underslung octave. Some medium damage to mention happened to the lower bow and some major damage to mention is the top of the neck. This may or may not be worth the worry to fix. I'm open to discussing it.

The era says that is can't really be original lacquer, however it's likely that it was the first-time lacquering. There is a tricky haze over it that I thought was more like spray paint but it is less strong. I'm not sure what to call that yet.

PADS: It has a recent tuneup from unnamed, out of state shop... most all the pads look decent except 1-3. Tan Pads & plastic resos.

TONE: It will be rich like a 6M. Expect it on the darker side due to the Ser#.

CASE: Currently with a vintage Martin case that is a poor fit. I wonder if I have something better around the shop...

***The lowest-priced, rolled-tone-hole Conn that I've ever listed!!!

 Sound Files on 6Ms:

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    ALTOsBlind - VI-THC-ZephyrSpecial-Co
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
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    ALTOs File-JeffK-on-Buffet_S-1_#27k--Conn_6M_262k--Selmer_USA_Omega_824k--King_Super20_Silversonic_477k--MPC Selmer Short shank refaced to 99
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Item #:WWS8.0E5.9E8.02261.7-C0