Conn 1953 ‘6M’ Eb Alto, #356,2xx (Archived)

1953 Conn 6M Alto

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1953
  • Make:  Conn
  • Model: 6M
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Relacquer
  • Serial Number: 356,2xx

(On Consignment: Plays Good)

A very pretty, clean 6M - Artist - "Naked Lady" Conn alto sax. One of the first Conn 6Ms without the microtuner in the neck (a good thing IMHO). Serial #356k, G# trill key and underslung octave. It has nicer pads that look like very low playing time; I may bet that they were installed at the time of relacquering. They are rivet centers on tan pads.No major damage to mention; only the normal small bumps on the backside bow with some previous dent removal as a small proof. No past pull down on the neck either.

TONE: Rich and crisp like a 6M.

CASE: Original conn wood case. in great condition!

 Sound Files on 6Ms:

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    ALTOsBlind - VI-THC-ZephyrSpecial-Co
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
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    ALTOs File-JeffK-on-Buffet_S-1_#27k--Conn_6M_262k--Selmer_USA_Omega_824k--King_Super20_Silversonic_477k--MPC Selmer Short shank refaced to 99
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Item #:WWSConRF0W0.0W7.50.12061.8-C0-L025