Conn ‘Connstellation #3’ Soprano – 0.055″ (Archived)

Conn "Connstellation" #3 Bb Soprano

Price: $SOLD
  • Make: Conn
  • Model:  "Connstellation"
  • Number:  3
  • Era: 1960s
  • Tip-Size:  0.055"
  • Facing:  Original
  • Status: Sold!

Conn "Connstellation" 3 soprano: here's a hard to find mpc from the late 60s, These were made with facings 1(closed) -- 6(open) but only three sizes for Soprano--2, 3, 4. This with the original tip at 0.055", tip and rails in great shape. there is one minor mark in the table(minor), the table shows the vertical striations. It has a large round chamber, made of a 'new' hard rubber material, plays nice with a centered, mellow tone. The script is in very good condition too. *shank = tight, like old bueschers. so it requires a thin neck cork.


Item: WWS0.00.8151.1-0