Couf 1976 ‘Superba ii’ Bb Soprano, #76k (Archived)

1976 Couf (Keilwerth) Superba 2 Soprano

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1976
  • Make:  H. Couf
  • Model:  Superba 2, Phase 1
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish:  Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 76,919

Made famous by Grover Washington Jr., these sopranos are steadily becoming more sought after due to the strong build, intonation, ergos, and a price that isn't blowing up your bank. Although Superba 1's (alto and tenor) have rolled tone holes, the sopranos do not, whether it is a "i" or a "ii",; as well as baritones! It does have the "JK" rear stamp but none of the "Made for WT Armstrong..." that is seen on later examples. It has standard sized pearls (not the over-sized like alto and tenor).

Early era Superba "Phase 1" as my friend Helen helps distinguish best: BassicSax website. I encourage you to read it for some really good info.

This early era of Couf Superba II soprano does not have the high F# key; the early examples also have the metal thumbhook like this one also. And like all of them, the lack of a neckstrap ring has caused many owners to add one - like this one had happen along the way. There is also some bell flare repairs from a stand - too typical of sopranos.

TONE: It is cleaner and focused more than I would have thought (based on my JK tenor/also experiences). I found it "refreshing" for a soprano.

PADS: It arrived with a mix of older pads and it plays down low with some resistance beginning at low C.

REBUILD: not needed, but you can request such. The price will be very attractive in the current condition. 

CASE:I upgraded it to a New Protec ProPac case ($179.00).

Sound Files .... None, sorry.