Holton 1922 ‘Elkhorn’ Bb Tenor, Silver #11k

Frank Holton 1922 'Elkhorn' Tenor

Price: SOLD
  • Year: 1920-24~
  • Make: Frank Holton
  • Model: Elkhorn
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Silver
  • Serial Number: 11,01x

A collector's joy - The Frank Holton Company operated in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA. The serial numbers on the Holton saxes can be misleading online. For dating, note the Eb/C touch design shape, the thick neckstrap ring, the split bell keys... This sax also features:
--G# trill
--Eb3 trill

FINISH: Original silver plate, in excellent 90%+ condition

SOUND: Sweet, vintage, ... more to come here...

Original (near) 100 year old pads installed! WOW! They are the white leather with a stitch in the center (no rivets used yet). You can bet the tone is restricted, yet fit for the era. What a "collector piece". There is a vintage, musty smell than must be mentioned. I have yet to treat the case, that would be my best attempt to help remove some odor; it must be addressed for daily use.

CASE: Currently in a vintage Martin Handcraft hard case.

Sound File of this actual Holton:
...None, Sorry.

Item #:WWSConMK3.5S0.00.6281.7-0