Jupiter ‘JAS-869SG’ Eb Alto, #N07,0xx (Archived)

Jupiter 'JAS-869SG' Eb Alto

An Intermediate/Step-Up Sax

Price: SOLD
  • Year: 2000+
  • Make: Jupiter
  • Model: JAS-869SG
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Silver Body, lacquer keys
  • Serial Number: N07,0xx

I like these as a great intermediate sax. Great Ergos, high F# key, nice new case. Made in Taiwan, Model JAS-869SG.  Sterling silver neck!  These have fast action and you'll love it over any student sax. They play a little louder with power and presence - from the silver neck.

PADS: Currently in factory pads that come with slight-domed metal resonators. These have lots of life left and you'll be happy with them for years. Changed the Eb pad and inspected for other alignments & oils as needed.

Cosmetic Rating: 9.0 -- Quite nice - minor tarnishing to note on the silver body, but it cleaned up nicely!

CASE: a New Protec MAX case.

Freshly polished, cleaned, and ready to play!

Item #:WWS07E.1E5.65.04221.9-C0