Keilwerth 1949 ‘[New King] – “Silvertone”‘ Bb Tenor #21k (Archived)

1949 Julius Keilwerth "Silvertone" Tenor

 Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1949~
  • Make:  Keilwerth
  • Model: New King, "Silvertone"
  • Status: SOLD
  • Finish: Original finishes
  • Serial Number: 21,897

(On Consignment - Plays Great; was a WWS Rebuild)

Vintage JK tone that smokey and fills the room. It has rolled tone holes and the "JK Best in the World" stamp on the rear tube. It is mostly in the bare brass body from the lacquer falling off, and the nickel plated keywork is in great shape and strong as expected. There was no high F# on this model, like the next model Tone King. The former lucite pants guard was replaced with a metal guard.

PADS: Rebuilt by WWS years ago. A minor tuneup will be included on purchase.

CASE: Original, old wood case in safe functioning condition.

Item #:WWSCON-GS0.S0.