Keilwerth 1962 ‘H&A Selmer-Bundy’ Eb Baritone, Silver #44k (Archived)

1962 H&A Selmer Bundy (Keilwerth) Baritone

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1962
  • Make:  Keilwerth
  • Model: H&A Selmer - Bundy
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Silver Plate
  • Serial Number: 44,0xx

Sax Name: Blade Runner

Vintage 1960s lacquer bari in silver plate and the solid sheet keyguards and plastic pants guard design (keilwerth indicators). Ser. #44K dates it to about 1962. The sax has some dings and wear that I'll give my love. The plastic pants guard has gone missing, so we'll solve that; the neck screw will get replaced; there are a few resolders to mention, the bottom bow took a hit, and I expect some alignments will be needed during the work; but overall, "The sax was used, not thrashed" which is about normal for baritones. This model has good ergos compared with other vintage saxes. So when you're after good intonation, solid tone, and good ergos.... these are some of the best you can get for 1) under $3000, but #2) you'll have to give the the Low A key wishes.

PADS/REBUILD: I may keep the current pads in as they are in good shape. Otherwise, I would be doing a complete rebuild (pads, corks, alignments)and you can help choose the pad setup.

SOUND: mid core bark and evenness; not completely resonant like a Buescher/Martin, but not as timid either.

CASE: nice wood case in ok/good shape; shows signs of medium wear and use. Good latches.

Sound Files to enjoy:
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Item #: WWS1E1.7E4.74.10301.7-0