Keilwerth 1965 ‘Tone King Special’ Bb Tenor, Silver, #53k (Archived)

1965 Keilwerth "Tone King Special" Tenor

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1965
  • Make:  Julius Keilwerth
  • Model:  Tone King Special
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish:  Original Silver
  • Serial Number: 53, 309

***#1) I am biased and love JK saxes and play on a black nickel + gold keys Couf. So you know I want to keep this older cousin! 

The Tone King Special is very very close to the same keywork used/purchased later by Herbert Couf for the Couf Superba 1. This is a rare example in silver plate. It's basically a Superba 1 in silver plate for a really great price!

It has rolled tone holes, the "JK" tube stamp, solid sheet guards, plastic pants guard, and the larger pearls (like Couf) that we see today on newer JKs. Serial number #53k matches on the neck and body. YES - high F# on this model. It has a good repair done to the new receiver area that looks more like a E3 post resolder. There are a few small dings and pings but not much.

TONE: Huge Keilwerth tone: warmer, rounder, more spread, full of harmonics. See the Sound Files below.

PADS: It arrived with a mix of older pads (about 3 or 4 eras) with the oldest ones being lower down the tube, as expected (B/Bb). All are tan pads and most have plastic resonators.

REBUILD: not needed, but you can request such. The price will be very attractive the current condition. 

CASE: I have the original, green case in fair condition that is available. However, you would likely prefer an upgraded, New Protec ProPac XL case ($259.00) for daily use. (It is a molded hard case with storage and shoulder strap). We can discuss a discounted, package price on this option.

Sound Files on various JK models (& Couf):

Keilwerth tone: warmer, rounder, more spread, full of harmonics...

  1. 1.
    TENORs-4xKeilwerths- The New King #47k, Tone King #55k, Tone King Special #53k, Couf Superba 1 #79k - MPC Berg108-2-SMS - Sound File 6-2020
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    TENORs-4x_Conn Chu New Wonder II #243k, Keilwerth Tone King #37k-Plastic wF#, The Martin Tenor #166k, Conn 10M #H42k, on an early Berg 105 boat tail, Sound File 10-2017
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
    Tenors_3x-Buffet-Super-Dynaction(SDA)14k_JK-Buffet-Expression-98k_Couf-Superba-1-98k_on-Brilhart-BergLarsen105-2-SMS, woodgrain, Sound File-5-2017
  7. 7.
    Tenors_3x-Buffet-Super-Dynaction(SDA)14k_JK-Buffet-Expression-98k_Couf-Superba-1-98k_on-Brilhart-Tonalin-5-085, Sound File-5-2017
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