King 1945 ‘Super 20’ Bb Tenor, #278,7xx (Archived)

1945 King Super 20 Tenor

From Sarge's Collection:

Price: $SOLD
  • Year:  1945
  • Make:  King
  • Model: Super 20, series 1
  • Status:  $Sold!
  • Finish: Original
  • Serial Number: 278,xxx

Nice original lacquer super 20, with the Serial number 278,7xx. These have a lot of nice features, like: pearls on all the keys and Sterling Silver, sleeve style neck, but what i really love is the rich, big tone. Super 20's are more or less divided up into 3 categories, early, middle and late production, this one falls in the early and has a great balance of sound but darker and smokier than my middle era one. The King horns sure get my vote and i gig with them often.
It has the pearl G# in the crescent shape just like early Zephyrs. Sarge fully rebuilt this one with tan prestini pads, and seamless flat metal resonators (nickel plated) for very light action. As with all the Sarge Collection saxes, I might have to match/find the case for it. I think this one has a modern replacement (aka, not original).
(photos with a King Equa-Tru Special mouthpiece--NOT FOR SALE)
Chadd comments: This was a late addition to Sarge's Collection. I always felt he was a jerk to be hoarding TWO Full Pearl Super 20's! They were/are completely different in tone though.

Sound Files for you to enjoy:

Track 1: Actual Sax

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