King 1948 ‘Zephyr’ Eb Alto, Series III, #299k (Archived)

1948-49 King "Zephyr" Alto

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1948-9
  • Make:  King
  • Model:  Zephyr, III
  • Status: SOLD
  • Finish:  Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 299,xxx

One of the realm gems of the sax world, this era of Zephyr is near identical to the Super 20 for half the cost! Deep, dark original lacquer finish at 85%, triple neckstrap ring, rounded keywork, all indicative of the series iii model. Matching serial number 299k on the neck and body. These Kings have nickel tubing too.

While the engraving is a little faint on some sides, and the darker 'shadowing' is happening to some lacquer, I have seen this on Kings before - something about this era! Also, there are seven original pads (some with the silver plated resos intact!). These are the same pads and resos that were original with Super 20s also. This should help seal the deal on your original finish conclusion.

There are some very subtle dings on the back bow, a ding in the neck (I worked on the neck after the photos already). Overall the sax is in very good shape with no major damage to report. The engraving is generally crisp so the lacquer coloration can be attributed to the variations that King had at this time (I've even seen original Super 20s with this look).

I love Kings; and these models surely hold their own for those with a good ear.

CASE: original tweed case in good working order.

PADS: Some newer ones with plastic resos (vintage Selmer style), 7 original pads and resos!

RECOMMENDATION: Consider some minor repairs more immediately for getting new oils into all rods (Full Disassembly & Oils $110), consider updating any pads (7 originals?) at that time. Since this in a Consignment, all repairs should be considered extra.

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Item #: WWS-ConHC0S0.0S0.10.11.12101.8-C0