LeBlanc 1972 ‘Rationale System’ Eb Alto, w/ F#, #1298 (Archived)

G. LeBlanc System "Model 100" Alto Saxophone

Price: SOLD with 60% repad!
  • Year:  ~1971-72 (see below)
  • Make:  LeBlanc
  • Model: LeBlanc System Rationale - Model 100
  • Status: SOLD
  • Finish: Lacquer 90%+
  • Serial Number: 1298

(On Consignment - Inquire about adjustments)

One of the coolest saxophones ever made! - Made to solve most all of the "saxophone issues" such as stuffy notes, trouble intonation areas and note passages. Data would suggest that there were less than 750 (alto and tenor) ever made.  The design with intonation and evenness with tone hole venting was also so engineered that it has mass amounts of screw adjusters (Additional $$$ to a rebuild price for such; more pads, more adjustments like a Conn 26M/30M...). I have seen multiple variations on this model as they may have made changes along the design (different neck emblems, octave keys...  This one has:
-gold plated springs
-LH high F#/trill key!
-inside G#
-heavy construction
-screw + locking nut adjusters; ALL but one nut there!
-two-tone model
-post construction (some are brazed directly on the body!)
-jump keys(trills)

DATING: Serial number dating information on these is a bit lacking; with extensive research, I have seen original receipts of a #549 purchased in 1963, and a #1205 purchased in the USA in January 1972. So I will put this one at that 1972 dating.
Research: With combined research from S. Meier, at the time of this post, we have traced about 185 LeBlanc/Vito/Beaugnier saxes from serial numbers #100-1400. Of the 185, only 29 are these "Model 120" tenors (64 were altos "Model 100").  Some sax forum rumors discuss that there were less than 1500 of these made(alto and tenor). I would conclude that the dating of LeBlancs was inconsistent! These are far more rare than "1,500" out there. I suggest that: 93/185 is 50% sample rate. Apply that to Serial #100-1400, = 1300 total, and you have 750 as an adjusted, estimated quantity ever made... now apply the alto-to-tenor ratio of 31%, that means:

Only 200-400 "Model 120" tenors exist. I will update this with the Alto numbers... COMING SOON

SPECS: The sax is in great shape overall but doesn't have many bumps to mention. The lacquer discoloration is interesting without a visible cause.  There is only one locknut (backside bell key guard) to mention,  ALL SCREWS ARE PRESENT!--wow.
***Remember, I promote honest sales and inspections. So when I list my critiques on cosmetics, consider that I see more than most people do or will. 

SOUND: Big, resonant, loud but centered core, controllable power, focus yet depth.... Modern brillance but not as bold. elements of mild Mid tones.

PADS: the setup is currently in original setup! (I love that) with old pads and screw in resonators (must be reused). It does play and would currently get a "Plays Rough, on old pads" evaluation; however, I'm able to help with minor repairs to varying degrees.

CASE: Original LeBlanc case in vintage condition.

For other fun research, I have also enjoyed Goodson's post on this sax here: LeBlanc Rationale Saxophone Literature.

Sound Files on Leblancs: ...none sorry

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