Martin 1939 ‘Committee II- Lion & Crown’ Eb Alto, #135,58x (Archived)

1939 Martin Committee II Alto

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1939
  • Make:  Martin
  • Model: Committee 2 "Lion & Crown"
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Lacquer; Nickel keys
  • Serial Number: 135,58x

(On Consignment - Plays OK) - small tune up needed/Let's discuss!

Here's another longtime favorite: Martin Comm II. These have a very strong build, known for good intonation, sweet-fat tones and all american Jazz core tone. This one is in generally great condition except it is missing one support leg to the low C1 guard. This could be dealt with or left as is, I suppose. Matching serial number #135k on both the neck and body. The "Lion & Crown" engraving is crisp and beautiful, and you can see lots of the original lacquer over the nickel keys (common and expected). The neck shows a lot of ding and pings like it used to live in the case box with metal accessories (mouthpiece? lyre? other?) and it got kissed a lot. There are about 5-6 small dint-dents on the body (mostly on the front bow). They can be addressed also.

PADS: The pads are a mix of old and new. I may suggest we address the very very old 8 pads. All of them have no reso, rivet only; palm keys have no rivet.

CASE: We have an original Martin Committee II case.

Committee II's are great ballad kings and you'll love the comfortable thumbrest (octave rest). Nickel keys/rods, and lacquer cups and body. They can really do a lot of styles.


I've had a few players in the shop enjoying this sax and we found a good mouthpiece pairing to add to your consideration: a Woodwind Co. hard rubber made for Dick Stabile with a original tip of 0.065". I believe that one key to the pairing match is due to the 'side walls' chamber design and the medium tip size. I do have other mouthpieces with this chamber design and varying tip sizes.

It is listed for $199.00 solo, but you can save 40%(buy at $80.00) if you buy both! - SOLD

Sound Files of a Committee 2:
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