Martin 1953 ‘The Martin Tenor’ Bb Tenor, Near Mint, #184k (Archived)

1953 "The Martin Tenor"

Price: SOLD

Rebuilt and ready to love!

  • Year:  1953
  • Make:  Martin
  • Model: "The Martin Tenor"
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 184,xxx

(Special Consignment - Plays Great.)

Wow - one of, if not, THE nicest, gorgeously beaming "The Martin Tenor" saxophones for sale in the world right now. It's rebuilt and ready to play! With a mid-range serial number era (1946~63), it is right in the middle era for tone (earlier is darker). It's gorgeous; I'll stop blabbing now.

COLLECTOR PACKAGE: Original Martin mouthpiece, ligature and cap, end plug, case key, and extra neck/hook screw.

REBUILD: Rebuilt elsewhere, it has black Saxgourmet kangaroo pads ($100) and Silver ResoTech Resos (Oversized, flat, $200+), and premium touches with teflon friction reduction.

TONE: It's a head-turner. You will definitely get people's attention; bring on the competition.

The tone is popping on this one due to the resonators; there is added crispness to the 'cutting ability' all while still completely filling the room with the [Martin Tone] that you may be seeking. (I'll try to get a sound file). It really reminds me of Sarge's "Official Music Man"; probably due to the same pad setup! You can hear the MusicMan below. Since this sax is so pretty, I'll point out 3-5 areas of age: The ping in the G key(pic "012"), the mini dent on bow by C# hole(pic "019"), the ding in the bell lip(pic "034"), the worn thumbrest, and the mark on the rear tube (pic "027"), marks from the neck screw entry/exit(pic "037").

CASE: original Martin case in excellent condition. The early era brown, wood case.

My photos don't do this horn justice.

Sound Files for you to enjoy:
This sax reminds me most of Track 2, Sax #4 (the Official Music Man because it has a similar pad-reso setup):
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Tenors file: Selmer MKVI vs. Martin Comm 2 vs. Martin Comm 3
  4. 4.
    TENORx2-MPCx2--VIvsTMT, D7vs4starOtt
  5. 5.

Item #:WWSConsignMP-08091.7-98-0517