Martin 1955 ‘ “The Martin Baritone”‘ Eb Baritone, #187k (Archived)

1955 "The Martin Baritone"

Price: GONE
  • Year:  1955
  • Make:  Martin
  • Model: The Martin Baritone
  • Status:  GONE
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 187,8xx
(On Consignment--Plays Great!)

Sax Name: Oxley

A drop dead gorgeous TMB - original lacquer at 98% and a well loved baritone. You don't see vintage horns like this that often. Mid 1950s Martin baritone to low Bb. Serial #187k matches neck and body. We will let the pictures do the talking.

Pings, Dings, Dents: - The lower bow is the area that proves that she came out to play.  Two dings frontal bow, one dent rear bow. ***I need upload a photo for these.  A couple of pings neat the C# pad - front and rear tube. Some long ago previous owner engraved a name underneath the bell lip front "OXLEY".

CASE: ($1,000.00 flight case) a high-end, Bam Hightech case (Bb/A versatile) that is in good condition - only the wheels are worn out; the latches function perfectly but simply need aligned when closing the case. More info here: BAM case at Guitar Center

PADS: rebuilt but a top USA shop/tech with tan pads and flat metal resos with rivet. Estimate: rebuild was done in 2016; has about 1 year of playing time on it.


Included in this deal is 1 of 2 mouthpieces. Second mouthpiece available for additional $125.00.
1) Original Martin slimline mouthpiece with ligature and cap. ($215)
2) Morgan Vintage Series Baritone mouthpiece, Retails at $200, picked by previous owner to pair with The Martin tuning tenancies.
....option 3) look at a WWS Inventory mouthpiece with a Large Chamber for $200-350.

Sound Files to enjoy:
  • BARITONEs X3: 1958 Selmer Mark VI, 1956 The Martin, 1925 Conn Chu, Sound File 4-2013
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Item #: WWSCON-RC2W8.8W9.511.8-0